Dermal Fillers

are used in static lines or in areas where volume has been lost through the aging process.  They can also be used for lip rejuvenation

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Whereas neuromodulators are used to treat wrinkles caused by motion, fillers are used in static lines or in areas where volume has been lost through the aging process.  There are many different fillers on the market but the most common ones are made with a substance naturally occurring in skin called hyaluronic acid.  These include the Juvèderm products, Restylane products and Belotero.  Radiasse, is made of a crushed up calcium .  These fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the product used and treatment area. Each product has unique qualities and pricing which play into making the decision of what is best for you.  They all provide immediate results and are a non-surgical, safe, and effective option for volume replacement and static wrinkle reduction. 

Typical areas treated with fillers include:  nasolabial  folds (smile lines), tear trough (hollow under eyes), mid face (cheek hollow), marionette lines(mouth corners), temples, hands and lips.

Bellafill - The Liquid Facelift

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Bellafill is a longer acting filler lasting at least 5 years.  It is composed of a collagen gel and PMMA microspheres.   This filler provides a platform for collagen building.  It requires a skin test and is often used in the liquid facelift.

Liquid facelift is the combination of fillers and botox used in multiple areas of the face to provide a longer lasting result.  It is not a permanent solution and may need to be repeated in months to years depending on which products are used.

What to expect during your dermal filler treatment

The area will cleansed and marked.  Pre-filler photos will be taken and reviewed with you.  You will be given ice to help prevent the ‘sting” from the injection, however, the fillers also contain lidocaine, an anesthetic, which will keep you comfortable.  Your appointment will last approximately 45 minutes.

With any filler you may experience itch, pain, bruising, redness, swelling, discoloration, lumps, bumps or sensitivity at the injection site.  These side effects usually resolve completely and in a short period of time.  Adverse complications are reduced when your face is in the hands of a skilled provider who has experience with the products being used.